the middleblog 2.0 - fixes and tweaks

greetings middlefans!

thanks to your tinkering and tech support, the rss subscribe link at o2stk is fixed...
cheers lafinjack!

due to popular demand, i will continue to crosspost with the lj middleblog for the time being - thank you all for your emails tech assistance!

the middleblog is moving!

hey folks - as we get closer to the release of the middleman dvds, i have begun to collect some exclusive web-only content as well as all the latest news on "the middleman" in one centrally-located site that fits all your middle-needs!

so while the livejournal-based middleblog will remain here as a time capsule, if you want to know the latest - or see exclusive episode commentaries - or partake of middle-arcana (including the newly-uploaded, never-before-heard demo version of "scream yr. luv" by the pentarchs of clothar, just point your browser to ...

...and enjoy the ride!

what could have been!

so for those of you who have already preordered your middleman dvds - and those of you waiting to get yours at comic-con, here's a treat, the kind folk over at shout! factory have posted a blog on the evolution of the cover art for the set...

...have a look, and imagine that your dvd set could have looked like, say...this:

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