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sepinwall: "a show like the middleman is the reason i became a tv critic in the first place." [Aug. 11th, 2008|09:04 am]
[Current Music |goldfrapp - "oh la-la"]

ladies and gentlemen, alan sepinwall - tv critic for the new jersey star-ledger - who has been liveblogging "the middleman" just paid us that enormous compliment in his column...thank you sir, and thanks for your support of "the middleman!"

to read the rest of señor sepinwall's comments on "the middleman" have a look HERE!

and to read his rather in-depth interview with yours truly, have a look HERE!

and he's not alone in his kind words for the show - zap2it's kate o'hare, a friend from way back to "jake 2.0" also had some choice words to say about "the middleman!" to read her comments, click HERE!

and that's not all, kate was also swell enough to post some sound bites from our chat in her "hot cuppa tv" blog - you can check those out HERE!

[User Picture]From: beatnikside
2008-08-12 06:55 am (UTC)
Mr. Sepinwall is a prince. Here's hoping for a "dramatic uptick," and fast.
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