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what does one send the network that has everything? [Jul. 31st, 2008|11:58 am]
[Current Music |sammy davis jr. - "the candyman"]

so, in the last few weeks - especially in the wake of the announcement of our shortened season - people have been asking me what they should send ABC family to show their love of "the middleman"... you know, to gently tell them of your love of the show...but frankly, i'm stumped...

...i mean, there are so many iconic props for this show, so many images that convey what we're about - the mind reels at the thought of finding one that both conveys the names "the middleman" and "wendy watson"...

...truly, if there one one thing that could contain, with simple, iconic strokes, the names of these characters - what might it be?

what can i tell you, guys, no idea...and now i'm feeling kind of hungry.


From: spadada
2008-08-09 06:09 am (UTC)
I am so easily swayed. I am not real into sending food to networks to make a point but I found your post so damn charming that I went out tonight and bought a big bag of M&Ms. (The almond ones. They're the best.) Now I am queasy and overly alert from the sugar and I wish there was a new Middleman episode to calm me down.

It really is wonderful.

Thanks for all that you do both with the show itself and all the fan engagement. We appreciate it.
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