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what does one send the network that has everything? [Jul. 31st, 2008|11:58 am]
[Current Music |sammy davis jr. - "the candyman"]

so, in the last few weeks - especially in the wake of the announcement of our shortened season - people have been asking me what they should send ABC family to show their love of "the middleman"... you know, to gently tell them of your love of the show...but frankly, i'm stumped...

...i mean, there are so many iconic props for this show, so many images that convey what we're about - the mind reels at the thought of finding one that both conveys the names "the middleman" and "wendy watson"...

...truly, if there one one thing that could contain, with simple, iconic strokes, the names of these characters - what might it be?

what can i tell you, guys, no idea...and now i'm feeling kind of hungry.


From: (Anonymous)
2008-08-05 05:23 am (UTC)


They cannot cancel the show. It simply can't be done. END OF STORY.
But yeah, I agree that the show needs more ad time. I was really depressed after Ep. 6 when they didn't show a clip from Ep. 7. I only watch ABC Family for three things, Whose Line?, Middleman, and Harry Potter movies.
Just watched the Ectoplasmic Panhellenic Investigation, (both times) and can I say that was one of the most freaking brilliant things I've ever seen. Dubbie and MM slugging it out. I laughed so hard I cried. Okay, now to write an angry email.
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From: (Anonymous)
2008-08-05 04:55 pm (UTC)


Just finished sending my email. Less angry than pleading and reasonable, but I'm hoping that repeated applications will have a cumulative effect (yes, I'm considering sending them multiple emails a day until they buckle and renew the show just to shut me up).

Ectopolasmic Panhellenic Investigation WAS brilliant, wasn't it. I seldom actually laugh out loud at anything i see on TV, but this show in general and that ep in particular were happy exceptions. Loved the Ghostbuster references. My only gripe is that we had the Middleman (at least his body) dancing on a table with his necktie wrapped around his forehead and he still had his shirt on and buttoned! I've been to enough frat-parties to know better and, frankly, I was looking forward to seeing MM sans his shirt. He could at least have been sitting in the changing room near the end in that yummy undershirt of his.

Ah, well. LOVED the fight between "MM" and Wendy. "Muscle memory, b!tch!" I had been so looking forward to watching Wendy clean the floor with MM's body; i wasn't anticipating an even match. Loved the frat student channeling the "ghosts", especially the Middleman himself. And MM being controlled by a burgeoning young mad scientist. I nearly wet myself when he delivered that line about "your boss's hunky body".

Brilliant and it gets better every ep. The PtB would be insane to cancel this. *sigh* This is why I hate finding a new show I love. Family's probably going to end up doing to the Middleman what Sci Fi did to the Dresden Files. Unless we can "convince" them not to. We could try the persuasive technique displayed by MM in the Pilot Episode Sanction with the hood of his car and the glass of milk. "That's some darn good cow-squirt!" *thud*
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