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comic con!

from a perilous, white-knuckle ride to san diego through a hideous stretch of road and the wreckage of an exploding meat truck (as detailed by comic book resources HERE)... a standing room only panel crowded with you - the middlefans - and several rounds of interviews and autograph sessions alongside such luminaries as matt keeslar, natalie morales, and middleman illustrator extraordinaire les mcclaine - SDCC was a wonderful time...

(click HERE for media boulevard's coverage of the middle-festivities - and HERE for an interview with matt "the middleman kesslar - conducted by io9's spectacular charlie jane anders)...

...yep, it would be an understatement to say that - for me - comic con might as well have been called "the middlecon!"

from the bottom of my heart, thank you, middlefans - your support is the reason we make this crazy show!
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