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the middleman - dead or alive? threat or menace?

javier grillo-marxuach here, live from middleman HQ...

...friends, there's been a lot of loose talk - a lot of words bandied about, words like "cancellation."

which means, i gotta answer the question: has "the middleman" been cancelled?

here's the scoop: we are a fantastically well-reviewed series that the network loves and supports. abc family is the one place that allowed us to do this show in all of its quirky glory, and in spite of the ratings, they continue to tell me "don't change a thing."

and about those ratings? well...while improving incrementally, they have not been stellar, so we - and by "we," i mean the network and myself - have made the decision to make and air a twelve episode first season of "the middleman."

it is a decision that allows us to conclude our first season on a great creative note, and to pool our resources to make our season finale the best and biggest it can be.

in short: we are doing everything we can to delive "the middleman" to whatever the future holds for us: and a crucial part of that future hinges on your continued support.

so, the bottom line - the middleman ain't dead.

if you like the show, then keep watching, the best is yet to come.

if you like the show enough to tell your friends, even better.*

and, of course, we will be at the san diego comicon (me, matt keeslar and les mcclaine on thursday, and me and natalie morales at the tv guide panel on saturday at 6), to meet you - the fans - to drum up support for the show, to sign autographs and give away scwhag...why? because we can't do this without you!

and as we say here at middleman HQ: "pugnantes malos, ne hos pugnetis!"

*if your friend has a nielsen box, that would be the best!

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